I’m spoiled!

Yes, I am! 🙂

I’m spoiled by my DSLR!

I unearthed my analog medium format cameras again recently.
I love to work with them!

Last sunday I took my Bronica SQ-B for a walk in a forest nearby.
It was quite stormy, but the air smelled wunderfully and I instantly fell into some kind of meditative state.

I walked for approximately half an hour very slowly and took about 10 Black and White pictures.

Than I went home…
…and could not have a look at these pictures right away!!! 😀

And that is why I say I’m spoiled.
I’m so used to be able to see my pictures right away nowadays,
that it is a challenge for me now, that I have to wait, until my negatives come back from the lab!

But I can remember the times when it was absolutely normal to wait for the negatives and than sit there hours and hours, scanning them! 😀

Usually I was disappointed at first.
In my imagination my pictures always were the best, breathtaking pictures the world had ever seen! 😀

I had to wait a few weeks or months even, before having another look at the pictures. Than my bias was gone and I could really see them as they were:

Some mediocre, some quite good, a few awesome…

This last bit didn’t really change though! 🙂

Well, until those rolls from last sunday are scanned, I’ll just show you some of my older photographs!

Bronica SQ-B:


The “Sauerbrunnen” in Oberzissen, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Mamiya 645 E:


The “Sauerbrunnen” in Niederzissen, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

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