2016 already?

2015 was a year full of personal loss and grief for me and my wife.

It challenged me with a health issue too.

And there were still some more difficulties, which had their own impacts on our lifes.

But there were also some good things in our lifes in 2015:

  1. My wife decided to start her own studio (German website) for (Intiutive) Painting.
  2. In the aftermath of a surgery, when I was at home for a few weeks, I reattached to my creativity, started taking pictures again, started this blog, which was a very enriching thing to do and even had my first few experiences with painting, guided by my wife.
  3. And: I bought a new battery for the remote of my Sony Alpha 900, so I could take some pictures of myself yesterday! 😀

Here comes!



Some of my more intellectual faces! 😀

I admit, I had been inspired a bit by this post: Damn Ugly Photography (opens in new tab)





Ahem, back to normal!





Thank you all for reading and looking at my stuff this first few months of my blogging experience!

Happy New Year! 🙂

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