Intuitive Painting 3 + 4

This is the outcome of my two latest painting sessions at my wive’s studio.

This is the one from two weeks ago.


Please keep in mind that Intuitive Painting isn’t about painting pretty pictures, but about the process and what the process triggers in the unconscious, in the soul.

When I painted this, at some point I knew, it was finished.
I looked at it and recognized that I painted the migraine, which is torturing me occasionally!

It was quite an emotional situation.

Did I see a change since than, concerning my migraine?

Well, the obvious thing was, that I had a four-day-migraine right after that session!

However, the good thing was, that I was much more relaxed about it and that seemed to lead to a much less hurtful migraine experience. Some of the time, I almost had no pain, but only the other symptoms like photosensitivity or dizziness, and with those I can live, really.

I’m positive, that the painting experience changed something!

The next picture is from last week.


It felt like when I was playing as a child: Doing something seemingly useless with a sense of seriousness.

It was a liberating experience! 🙂

And I like the picture very much.
It looks fluffy and feathery to me and I love looking at the different curls and the differences of the strokes of the brush.

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