I’m good enough!

I’m a software developer.
For many years I used script languages like perl or PL/SQL.

Some years ago I switched to a different business unit, where I had to learn C++, one of the most complex and difficult to learn programming languages, I’d say.

Even after I learned by doing for a few years, I always had the feeling, that I’m not good enough.
Every time something wouldn’t work or I didn’t understand some code lines immediately, I felt dump.

Do you know this feeling?

I know it very well, unfortunately.

Here comes the thing:

I had a seminar “C++ for Beginners” and I actually was the only attendant.
They did not cancel the seminar, so I had the opportunity to work together with a really experienced C++ expert.

Sitting at one laptop, we worked together on a few software projects with some of the C++ specialities, I’m having problems with.

Lo and behold! 😀

The expert too had difficulties and he too had to search in the internet for solutions and examples and we had bugs in our software, by which the expert had been baffled!

What did I learn?

I really don’t need to hide my light under a bushel anymore! 😀

I am good enough and it’s absolutely all right, if I don’t know something, especially if it’s new to me!

I’m more relaxed now at my job and I really hope that this experience will help me, to soften my inner perfectionist.

Hey, ain’t I looking quite thoughtful in this picture? 😀

And did you notice, how I wrote to search the internet instead of to google? 😀

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