Did you read Tommyknockers by Stephen King?

There was this woman, who collected dolls.
She had a whole room of them.
At some point of the novel, she started to feel watched by them.
They seemed to be hostile.

Or did you see Poltergeist (early 80s)?

There was this boy, who had a doll, some kind of a clown, in his sleeping room, which tried then to strangle him.
That was one of my scariest moments in my youth! 😀

Here come now two other scary dolls, I had the pleasure of photographing. 😀
They were in a holiday flat, we stayed in a few years ago.

If you love those dolls, please don’t take this to seriously! I really don’t mean to offend you! 😉

Here you can see both culprits where they were seated.

I must admit, I’m not so much the horror movie type.
I love action movies. There can be a lot of blood to (as long as its pure fiction).
I even love Tarantino’s movies! 😀

But when we watch a horror movie, even if I know exactly what will happen next,
I always flinch, when it happens then.
For me it’s ridiculous, for my wife it’s hilarious! 😀


The holiday flat and the landlords were very nice.
So I won’t tell you where these malicious two dolls live!


In these following two portrait shots the evilness shows very clearly, don’t you think?



Don’t let them haunt you in your dreams tonight! 😉

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