Intuitive Painting

This week my wife started her studio (German website) for painting and art therapy.

I had the opportunity to participate in a workshop for intuitive painting.

It was a great experience for me.

Over the last years I gradually listened more and more to my intuition. It has become very important to me.

When I had finished the painting I kind of recognized myself in the picture, the creativity inside me, craving to get expressed and the frame, build of my everyday life.

I certainly will change my priorities! For example: Less TV series (it has become a bad habit again over the last years), more photographing!

Here is a photo of my painting and some detail shots of it.

I’m quite sure, the MoMA will think about taking this into their permanent exhibition! 🙂InutivmalenGanzesBild

Yes, I had to paint around the corner from wall to ceiling, as I needed this extra space for my painting… 🙂





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